by Fuzzkrank

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Jacco de Boer
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Jacco de Boer Great couple of songs that explore classic rock and stoner territory in the most relaxed way. Great tunes and musicianship.
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FDJ Superb mix of retro hard rock and 00's stoner/psych from Paraguay.
Full review here......http://stonerking1.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/fuzzkrank-fuzzkrank-review_22.html Favorite track: Deus-Ex Machina.
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released June 10, 2016

Fuzzkrank es:
Hugo "Chugo" Lafuente - bajo, voz principal
Matías "Matt" Aguilera - primera guitarra
Javier "Xavi" Sosa - guitarra rítmica
José "Merry" Burguez - batería

José Russo - órgano hammond en tracks 2 y 5
Agradecimiento especial a Francisco Cabrera - batería en todos los tracks

Todas las canciones y letras compuestas por Fuzzkrank.

Productor Fonográfico: Tony Jara y Fuzzkrank

Booking & Management: Mark Meyer - manager@fuzzkrank.com
Prensa: +595 981 737986 - press@fuzzkrank.com

Fotógrafos: Juan Manuel López Moreira y Maria Jose Herrero

Diseño Gráfico e Ilustraciones: Diego Valle Garcia de A1 Design

Estudios de Grabación: 13 Studios y 340 Studios - Asunción, Paraguay
Técnicos: Tony Jara y Marcelo Soler

Mezcla y Masterización: Tony Jara de 13 Studios

Productor Artístico: Fuzzkrank

Grabado entre marzo y junio de 2015
Publicado el 10 de junio de 2016



all rights reserved


Fuzzkrank Asuncion, Paraguay

Stoner rock desde Asunción, Paraguay.

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Track Name: Deus-Ex Machina
Have you seen that man on top of the hill?
He died for you by the crosses' will
Indeed he's wise as no other was
You'll surely know what is in his disguise

Creation's time is wild and insane
But why do we have to kill in his name?
The man is standing up on the hill,
Do as he please, or you'll burn to death.

Don't you know 'bout this wandering man
He'll tell ya stories with a lesson in the end
So live your life, no one's going to tell
But if you misbehave you're going to hell.

I think I've heard this one before
Yet again, they're talking about this lord
Is he still there on top of the hill?
The others stare, but there's no one there

Who would actually be such a fool to think
The truth of life could be found in a book?
The man is standing up on the hill,
Excuse me, why are we talking 'bout him again?

I don't know if he's really up there
Creatures with freewill had suffered his wrath
It's not logic, as he's the one who creates them
I'll just back off and do what I want.

I see now all I've heard in life
It's nothing but a lie,
Nothing is true, and evertyhing's allowed
But if it comes to happen, it's a part of the God's Machine.

Now I know 'bout the man on the hill
Told you stories that you knew all along
A million versions of this you're gonna hear
Just go ahead, 'cause you know you are FREE!
Track Name: Glass Of Whiskey
Some nights I can’t go to sleep
And some days I just don’t feel awake
And when I lie in bed
I think to myself
There’s a really nasty world out there
You know I gotta be free

So gimme a glass of whiskey
And I’ll go through the night
Gimme some hard shots
And I’ll fly right to the sky
Love me some booze, oh honey
And I’ll tell you my name
Just don’t leave me alone again

Tryin’ to find a reason to this sleep privation
Maybe it was all the things that you said
And when I lie in bed, I think to myself
Ain’t no reason to be happy if you’re not there
Feels like a mind disease

So gimme a glass of whiskey
And I’ll go through the night
Gimme some hard shots
And I’ll fly right to the sky
Love me some booze, oh honey
And I’ll tell you my name
Just don’t leave me alone in the rain
Track Name: Fuzzy Feelin'
This ain't a rhythm to make you sleep
This is an order to move your feet
A bolt of lightning like the shock of day
Well, everybody knows that's okay

C'mon, baby, stop messin' around
This beat of mine is nowhere to be found
Embrace yourself 'cause you know it's there
The voice (feeling) is calling you again

Tonight we're leavin' it all behind
Yeah baby, let it flow back inside
And if you're feelin' like letting go
Relax darling, kick back your seat and enjoy the show

You start to move in the deep of night
You let the Fuzzy Feelin' into the light
A piece of paper with a funny face
You say: "Sure, honey, let's go for a ride!"

Dance, dance, like no one's there
And even if there was you wouldn't care
There is no one between you and your fate
Do it now, before is too late

Tonight we're leavin' it all behind
I got the feelin' everything is going right
And when you're back in your mind again
Just remember, little darling
That Fuzzy Feelin' is right in the back of your head

Track Name: Black Monolith
I was looking down upon our tribe’s weakness
Watched ‘em as they were slained
But mighty one day, I found a way to defend
The bones of the dead will now serve our greed

Found myself in the depths of darkness
Sent me to search for it into the moon
But what a joke, as soon as I came there
It said “you shouldn’t be here, you should go farther away”

I have been where no other has been
Truth came to me like flash of the night
Not quite sure how I came to be here
My memories have been turned into light
I’ve seen my former self and future me
Things aren’t really clear up here
And the starchild has told me this:
Past, present and the future,
Are already here.